Japan Program Manager

Tokyo, Japan


Japan Program Manager 日本プログラム・マネジャー

Working closely with the Japan Program Director, the Japan Program Manager is a dedicated contracted role, responsible for developing and managing Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) and Aquaculture Improvement Projects (AIPs), and supporting implementation of improvement actions for the benefit of fisheries and fishing communities in Japan. The Japan Program Manager will conduct outreach, and directly engage key stakeholders (e.g. commercial fishermen, local cooperatives and government) in Japan with the aim of developing FIPs and AIPs which reflect community-based solutions. In addition, this position will be responsible for work plan development and implementation; project management, providing project progress updates; holding regular stakeholder meetings; conducting research; as well as administrative and operational tasks to support of O2’s Japan program.

We are seeking a contractor based in Japan, who can travel for significant amounts of time regionally, nationally, and internationally, up to 3-4 months a year. The person in this position should have a flexible, creative, and empathetic outlook, possess independent and entrepreneurial qualities; have a strong background in fishery issues, seafood businesses, and/or sustainability and environmental issues. S/he should also possess the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously with strong independent management and communication skills.




Key Responsibilities

About the Organization

Do you care about sustainable seafood, thriving fishing communities and healthy oceans? Join Ocean Outcomes (O2), a dynamic organization working globally to develop and implement creative solutions towards more sustainable fisheries and fish farms. At O2, our international team works hand-in-hand with fisheries, aquaculture producers, seafood companies, international NGOs, government representatives, and local stakeholders to ensure:

Building on the O2 team’s decades of experience in sustainable seafood, we have improved the sustainability of high-risk fisheries and aquaculture operations in Russia, Japan, and most recently, China and the Indian Ocean and Western Central Pacific nations key to tuna. O2 has an organizational strategy grounded in the organization’s mission and vision, organized around a “22 by 22” Challenge. The goal is to improve the sustainability of 22 critical fisheries and fish farms, including their management systems (e.g. influencing Regional Fisheries Management Organizations), while catalyzing wider improvements throughout the oceans by 2022. This will be accomplished by a strategic approach that focuses on improved fisheries and livelihoods, market conditions, and championing innovation and driven by a high-performance organization. Join us and help ensure the long-term health of fishing communities and the ocean resources on which we all depend.





Compensation for this dedicated contracted role will be commensurate with experience. The person contracted will become a core member of O2’s virtual team. The contractor will be ‘home-based’; meaning they will support their own work space in a location of their choice in Japan. Currently O2 has team members in the United States, England, Japan, South Korea, and China. We bring the whole team together twice a year in locations around the world.

勤務時間:9:00-17:00(基本フレキシブルで週2出勤以外自宅勤務。年間合計1-3ヶ月程度 の国内外出張/可能性有)




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